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Bernie Madoff with their Money

Mike Morgan, 2009


Clay, a found steel garbage pail, shredded U.S. currency and acrylic paint


Size: 26.5" x 15" x 16"


Artist's statement:


     After reading about him, I had to make a sculpture about this guy.


     My painted ceramic sculpture depicts a gluttonous Bernie Madoff, head stuffed with cash, sitting on top of the "thousands" of people who lost billions to his greed. It is a statement about the capitalist system that we have in our country.

     Bernard Madoff exploited the trust of thousands of people to make billions of dollars for himself through an elaborate, illegal "Ponzi scheme." He was found guilty of one of humanity's greatest sins: greed. Greed has always been and always will be part of our civilization. So, governments devise regulations in an attempt to keep greed under control and the capitalist system fair for everyone. To keep a level playing field. But when regulators fail to regulate, it's everyone for him/herself. "Caveat Emptor."


     Unregulated capitalism will destroy America as surely as terrorist bombs.


     So, without anyone keeping an eye on what he was doing, Bernie Madoff with their money.

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