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Kathie Shelby

    I am a clay artist living in Toledo. Growing up in Western Washington, I’ve been a car hop, a special ed teacher and a computer programmer. In 1990, I had the opportunity to travel with my husband on extended overseas assignments in England, Japan, and China and the ever foreign Southern Cal. That initial two years stretched to fifteen. I became very interested in pottery while in Japan, since we lived near Seto — a major Japanese pottery area. My friends and I spent many hours in museums and shops, in awe of the work we saw.

    In 2005, we moved to a retirement community just outside Austin — Sun City, Texas. There were trees and hills (sort of) and Sun City had a huge pottery studio which gave me the opportunity to play with clay in a great workspace with lots of classes and mentors.

    In 2014, we uprooted our dog Charlie and came home to family and the clean air and breathable temperature of Washington. We fell in love with the small town of Toledo immediately. (Although I AM a Centralia girl.)

    In the following year, we created a small clay studio in the corner of our large shop. (Wondering Dog Studio). I share the studio with my husband, friends (and at least one neighbor) and grandchildren. I love creating with clay, whether it be functional dishes or playful fish and figures. I hand build because it’s a slower process and every piece is different. Nothing is perfect, but that lends an organic feel to each piece. I love the idea of somebody enjoying my art enough to invite it into their own home.

Gallery 505 is located at 205 Cowlitz Street in downtown Toledo, Washington, 98591.

Contact us at (360) 864-2789 or by e-mail at

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