April 4 to 27

Gallery 505 turns Inside Out for our new exhibit, featuring mind-bending artwork by local artists Susan Bradshaw, Eileen Eddleman, Bob Espen, John Glasser, Thelma Hauge, Eric Hayes, Curtis Michael Johnson, Margaret Kincaid, Patty Misch, Di Morgan, Jake Morgan, Mike Morgan, Susanné Rose, Cindy Samco, Linda Shepherd, Ethan Siegel, Janice Sutherin and Pauli Wolfe.


Gallery 505 is open from 1-5 p.m., Wed.-Sat. at 205 Cowlitz St. in Toledo.

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Gallery 505 is located at 205 Cowlitz Street in downtown Toledo, Washington, 98591.

Contact us at (360) 864-2789 or by e-mail at sales@artgallery505.com.

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