John Glasser


     Ten years ago I discovered the world of glass. I created a wind chime from a wine bottle and came to find that no one else in the Northwest was doing the same thing. I wanted to make even a small contribution to our environment by deciding to focus on using bottles that were being thrown away rather than recycled. Thus “Eco-Chimes” was born and my mission statement of “Saving The World, One Bottle At A Time” came into being.

     For the next eight years, I did home and garden shows, recycled art shows, Christmas bazaars and community art shows throughout Washington and Oregon. I relied on local bars and restaurants that did not have to recycle their bottles and thus were throwing them away, to provide me with my raw materials.

     Two years ago, I came to the realization that I had to lighten my load and find something else that was not so heavy to move from one location to another. Coincidentally, a kiln was presented to me as a possible alternative tool to incorporate into my work. I closed out the bottle chimes part of my doing and began to focus on using glass that had been put through a kiln to either slump it or fuse it.

     Today in 2018, I am exploring options I see working with both bottle glass and stained glass remnants. I am making wind chimes that are smaller – sun catchers – and window art that is both framed and unframed.

     My website, is still under construction, but you are welcome to visit it.

Gallery 505 is located at 205 Cowlitz Street in downtown Toledo, Washington, 98591.

Contact us at (360) 864-2789 or by e-mail at

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