Pat Anderson

     Pat has always loved to draw but did not start drawing seriously until about 2015.  She attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts shortly after graduating from high school, and took a few quarters of drawing at Centralia College.

     Her preferred medium is pencil.  The majority of her drawings are in pencil, but she also enjoys using pen and ink, and occasionally watercolors.

     Pat likes drawing nearly anything, but her favorite subjects are people, animals and architecture.

     People – Their beautiful faces are reflections of lives lived - love and heartache, pain and peace.

     Animals – Pat is a lover of animals and she believes in the sweet purity and unselfish devotion inherent in our pets.  She hopes that anyone who looks at one of her drawings sees the love and trust that a pet feels for its human.

     Architecture – As a history major in high school, Pat especially loves looking at architecture.  It has its place in history of course, but it speaks to her about the people who designed and built the buildings, and the people who used them.  An old run-down barn or an abandoned building is as beautiful to her as an ancient cathedral.  Other elements of a culture or land, such as a sagging fence, a rusted pickup truck in a field, a broken window being taken over by nature, all speak to her of a life before.

     A moment in time, forever in art.

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