Pauli Wolfe

    Let them say at my passing to the next life that “Baboo saw something shiney.” Baboo is the name given to me by my 14 grandchildren. “The Art of Baboo” is on the front of my business cards.

    After raising four children, I moved from Washington to Colorado in 1984. While there, I attended sculpting and drawing classes at Colorado Mountain College in Aspen. In 2001, I moved to my little farmhouse outside of Toledo, Wash.

    Taking a cue from my young grandchildren, I am a passionate observer of God’s creation. I create to communicate my fascination for His beautiful works - from lady bugs to mountains to the universe, including mankind.

    I usually work from a “reference” photo but do not do a direct transfer of the subject because I do not want to lose the sense of fascination to a static image. I work in oils and watercolors and play with encaustic, trying to capture color as light by glazing.

Gallery 505 is located at 205 Cowlitz Street in downtown Toledo, Washington, 98591.

Contact us at (360) 864-2789 or by e-mail at

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