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Artist statement

     Start with inspiration, add raw materials, manipulate and progress through stages to conclusion. This is my passion as an artist and craftsman.

     Unlike the cabinet maker who joins dimensioned materials to create form and function, my projects involve the violent interaction of raw materials, tools and techniques of woodworkers and other artisans to generate the forms I’m seeking, keeping the qualities of the material integrated into the design. In this way, the organic life of the tree influences the finish and my creation extends the life of the tree indefinitely.

     My challenge is to make sense of the material and convey to the observer my vision of form, space, texture, color and motion. To that goal, I constantly seek to challenge the limits of my skills and imagination.

     A native of Minnesota, StuArt has been inspired by the many wood artisans in the Northwest and marveled at the tactile characteristics of wood and the textures, color, figuring and chatoyancy (reflective qualities). He relishes the manipulation of wood and the discovery of the numerous fine finishes available to create unique art and he delights in the feel of the finished object in his hands.

     “Art is everywhere and it is the job of the artist to identify it.”


La Fleur a Grotto

Music Collage




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