Susan Bradshaw

     Susan Bradshaw works with glass at Woven Time Studio. Her artistic ideas come from the play of light and color in the world around her.

     As a child, Susan filled her time finger painting, pencil drawing, painting-by-number, coloring, macramé, knitting and crocheting. Her focal crafts as a young adult became quilting, spinning and weaving. She has taken classes in printmaking, ceramics, watercolor, drawing, welding, machining, model building, drafting, bookmaking and fused glass. A polymer clay button class in 1997 introduced her to this media, which opened the door to selling her polymer clay creations in art and craft fairs in the San Francisco Bay area.

     Fused glass became Susan’s media of choice in 2003 with the purchase of a glass-fusing kiln and she now focuses on using transparent, colored glass. First, pieces of sheet glass are cut to create the basic shapes. Next, frits of crushed and powdered glass are added to enhance the image. Finally, the glass pieces are heated in a kiln to around 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit, fusing them into a single, unique piece of artwork. Susan enjoys the way the glass feels in her hands: the waves, undulations and the cold, smooth texture.

     What she loves most about fused glass is the constantly changing dance of light with glass. On sunny days, it is a lively, sparkly dance, while on foggy or rainy days, it is a slow, sensuous dance. In the evening, it becomes a two-beat dance of reflected and refracted light and shadow.

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