Janice Sutherlin

    Small encouragements marked turning points in my art ability. In sixth grade, we had to make a fire-prevention poster. I drew some little cartoon bears and my dad exclaimed, "You drew that?" Encouraged, I started drawing all over everything. A little girl who was good with art in junior high said that I "had something" and I continued to be interested in art in high school. One of my teachers told me I would be a good counterfeiter.

    At Green River College in Auburn, I took mostly art classes. Bernie Bleha was one of my teachers. On to Seattle Pacific University, I majored in art, but the courses were very broad and my interest in art waned. I worked various jobs but didn't get interested in creating art again until one of my friends said, "let's paint."

    Painting for friends and for Gallery 505 Artists Co-op in Toledo have kept up the spark to create. I enjoy painting with acrylic, watercolors and pencil drawing. My favorite subjects are people and animals.

    Encouragement, no matter how small, can be effective and help shape a person's world.

Gallery 505 is located at 205 Cowlitz Street in downtown Toledo, Washington, 98591.

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